About Us

Meet Johan

Johan has always looked at the world through different eyes and even from a young age had the ability to feel energies from people but at the time had no idea what it was and what to do with it.

As he matured, he began to realize that he had a gift, a gift to assist others and allow them to feel, clear and heal their emotional body. To feel the love that is within them and to help them unlock that door so they can be all they can be and more.

Johan is what some would call an “Intuitive Healer”.  He is also a Reiki Master, professional public speaker, and Natural Motivator. He is a strong channel for healing energy to pass through. Clients say they experience a strong sense of relaxation, healing, and peace. The healing of the emotional body takes place and the client leaves feeling clearer and will be more prepared to tidy up past emotions and begin to live their life the way they intended. Johan is an extension cord so to speak and he just links you back up to where you came from.

Johan also has a strong psychic perception and uses this skill during clearings and sessions to get you to a point of understanding.