Changing Your Thoughts

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Did you know that everything that you attract into your life you have asked for?

We have to really think about what we ask for in life . You may have seen “The Secret” or read “The Law of Attraction” but do you really know what to do next???


So my question to you is:

Who do you want to be tomorrow?

Change the way you think. Start to focus on all good things coming into your life, appreciate what you have in your life and enjoy it.

Appreciate the house, furniture, relationship, car or anything and love it. Stop worrying about what you do not have; it will come when you are ready to receive it.

People exercise either a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. Those with a fixed mindset believe their talents and abilities cannot be improved through any means. This is what many may feel and them working from a place of ego and they allow the mental state to control how and what happens in their lives. They feel that they are born with a certain amount of talent and typically do not wish to challenge their abilities due to the possibility of failure. Failing in itself sometimes can have fantastic results for the failee as it brings about a shift in beliefs and direction. Individuals with a fixed mindset frequently guard themselves against situations in which they feel they need to prove their personal worth. Challenges are frequently viewed negatively, instead of as an opportunity for personal growth, and then sometimes a negative result will occur.

People that practice a growth mindset believe intelligence, talents, and abilities can be developed over time. They believe abilities, such as athleticism and mathematical capacity, can be improved through hard work and persistence. When presented with an obstacle, those practicing a growth mindset tend to rise to the challenge. Often, people of the growth mindset do not fear failure; instead, they view it as a chance to improve themselves.

Carol Dweck explains that mindsets begin in childhood, extend into adulthood, and can drive multiple aspects of our lives, ranging from parenting and relationships, to sports and work. She reveals how prominent members of a variety of fields – business, literature, music, science, and sports – possess the growth mindset to achieve personal goals and dreams.

Sarvaga Light listens to your goals and can help you with your mind set and help change the way you feel and how your react to life’s pressures

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