Herbal Advice

Sarvaga Light Offerings

Sarvaga Light can offer advice on what herbs to use for common ailments.

Herbal Treatments have been around for 100’s of years and a number of conditions have been successfully treated with herbs. Many common health problems, such as colds and indigestion, do not require a professional consultation and can be successfully treated with herbs from home.

Many of the thousands of plants world wide have medicinal uses that have a direct action on the body; they are used in both herbal and conventional medicine and offer benefits pharmaceutical drugs often lack. They support the body’s natural ability to heal itself without extra chemicals to deal with.

We believe that this beautiful planet of ours has all the goodness that we need for our bodies to function properly and efficiently. In today’s busy lifestyle it is getting harder to get the right amount of nutrients into the body to keep up with the daily work schedule.

Although herbal medicine is extremely safe the fact that it is natural does not mean it is harmless, Always seek professional advice for more serious conditions such as cancer or heart disease.

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