Magical Monday

Magical Monday

You know, when I started this journey, 53 years ago (I mean right from the beginning), the experiences and feelings I had, as I look back, shaped my life.  You think and feel that you are destined to be one thing, however the universe has other plans.

There was a light inside of me that was that bright, and it was never going to go out. Did I have any idea what that light was? No idea.

Do you know that you have that light too. Deep, deep inside of you, you may not know what that light is for just yet, however, if you force something to happen, whatever you are conjuring up, will break.

My suggestion is to shine so bright that others need to wear sunglasses just to be around you. Shine brighter every day and allow the universe to line you up with your true purpose. When you begin, you may be very surprised that the career you have chosen now, may change dramatically when you let go of the need to FIT IT.

Have a Truly light filled week.

Only Love

Johan xo

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