Employee / Business Motivation

Employee / Business Motivation

In today’s hectic lifestyle there is a lot of pressure for people to perform in all areas of their life; home, relationships, health, career.

At times this pressure does have a profound effect on employee motivation.  The general population of Perth from Yanchep to Mandurah, at this point in time, have no idea that there are other energies working behind the scenes to assist with their overall health and wellbeing. They are disconnected, so to speak. When we become disconnected we lose our ability to think clearly, laterally and ethically, then we begin to see arguments, lack of motivation, team building is a no go, destruction, anger, hatred and in the end, violence or sometimes in the extreme cases, death.

Now before we all look at the doom and gloom of what is. Let’s all look at what can be done. How do you motivate the team to work effectively?

We spend roughly a third of our life working, a third sleeping and the other third learning and relaxing. However as we grow up, the pressure to find a great paying job, enjoying that job and not take that job home with you is becoming a lot harder.

When staff members allow themselves to be happy, productivity is increased and stress is reduced. Enthusiasm begins to grow, and then team building and relationships form. Appreciation for work completed and acknowledgement of that work goes a long way to showing your staff that you are committed to their overall health and wellbeing.

How are your Team Building Skills?

If you are a CEO, Manager, Supervisor or Team Leader, Take this quick quiz and answer honestly.

  1. Do you listen to your core frontline staff on their concerns?
  2. Do you provide a fun, motivated stress free environment for your staff?
  3. Have you connected with your staff?
  4. Do you offer your staff other benefits apart from a job?
  5. Do your employees like/respect you?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, and had a real think about what you offer then WELL DONE GOOD JOB.

If you have answered NO to any of those question then your business maybe in trouble. Have a REAL honest think about what changes can be made to allow your business to thrive.

A Corporate Workshop may just be what you need.

How do you feel about creating a fun, motivating and inspiring workplace?  One that exudes confidence, all stemming from this workshop, it will have a profound effect on your staff…

Some of the areas covered but not limited to are:

Improvisation, group activities, problem solving, role play, meditation, mind set exercises, theatre skills and loads more.

Contact Johan today to find out more or to book a workshop for your team

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