Sarvaga Light Offerings

Let Sarvaga Light teach you how to meditate.

Meditation has been around for centuries and is used widely across the globe to help reduce stress and move forward to a more loving relationship with the self and others.

Meditation is not difficult, but it does take practice and for as little time as 5 minutes per day you can experience relaxation and contentment within the self that you only thought was possible by Monks, Priests and seasoned Yoga Practitioners.

Sarvaga Light can teach you simple ways to meditate

Whether that is at Home, Work, or on holiday, you can change how you feel and react to situations. Learn to relax in Traffic Jams, learn that it is ok to stand in the queue at the shops. Learn to look at other people with love and peace and live in harmony. Trying to block out thoughts is a bit like grabbing the garden hose and trying to extinguish the sun with it.

There will be thoughts running through your head in every meditation you have, and there will be more of them than you’d possibly prefer. Peace comes through accepting them. Be curious and permissive, and remember, if you don’t have a single thought during your meditation – there is something wrong.

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