Dorn Spinal Therapy

Sarvaga Light Offerings

Dieter Dorn, who ran a saw mill in southern Germany during the 70’s, suffered painful debilitating lumbago.

Even after trying various conventional treatments he found no relief. Desperate he went to see a local healer – a simple farmer in his 80’s who was said to heal ailments but had no professional training. The healer applied pressure with his thumbs to Dorn’s vertebrae and as a result Dorn was pain free again and able to move freely. Dorn Therapy is a gentle form of manual therapy that is non-manipulative and virtually painless. The joints, the gates of energy, can be returned to their correct position without danger or force.

The treatment works within the dynamics and the cooperation of the client and thus in a natural human flow of movement. The combination of spinal therapy and therapeutic massage generally build up a good foundation for the skeletal structure.

It can shift emotional and physical blockages. Depending on the severity of your condition, generally 3-4 treatments is enough for long lasting results with a check up every 6 months or so. Homework in the form of exercises is given to clients.

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