Corporate Programs

Sarvaga Light Offerings

Increase your work output and employee satisfaction with Johan. Through the empowerment of your workforce, the goals and achievements are limitless!

We offer several corporate programs to help uplift, inspire and motivate your team!

Motivational Zap

1-2 hours

A fast paced dive into creativity, Imagination and spontaneity. Good fun and clears the cobwebs out.


4 hours

A more in-depth programme to understand attitudes and habits formed at work, Theatre sports, imagination and spontaneity.

Full day Motivation

7.5 hours

Lunch is provided. All of the above, Relationship building, breaking down the Management barriers, imagination and spontaneity.

To Maintain Optimum Motivation – consultations and presentations are recommended for quarterly reviews.

Ongoing training and consultations are specifically designed to meet the needs of the company and in some instances, the individual. This program will begin with a four-hour session that will disperse any ‘cobwebs’ and clear the path for future, more in depth workshops.

Find out how we uplift, inspire and motivate your team