There is so much change going on in the world right now and with that, a number of changes that will and can impact on your personal life.

With these changes that are occurring, you have a choice on what you now do with Today, Tomorrow and the rest of this week.

Change is inevitable; there is nothing we can really do about it. Going right back to its basic, simplest fundamental to help you get a hold on this:

1. The skin you have today is different from yesterday.
2. Your hair is longer.
3. There will be different leaves in your garden.
4. A flower may be ready to fall off a tree or
5. A bird that was to always sit upon your window sill no longer does so because it has moved on…

So is it any surprise to you that as a society a lot of us fear change. Why?

It is the fear of the unknown, a shift in your awareness, a difference in opinion or a complete change in your environment. This fear is also still YOUR CHOICE.

Whatever choice you make will bring about a shift in Friendships, Career, Romance and your overall mental continuum to become a better spiritual human being.

SO how do you embrace this change to serve your higher good and for the good of others?

Begin with this ; “How can I receive Virtue Points every day”.

These are not for competition or to win, but for you and you alone.
Try and start with accumulating 5 points per day. And see how you go.

If you would like to know how to accumulate these points THEN ASK ME.

Lets us see how many points we can all receive today, tomorrow and this week.


Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit

900 600 Sarvaga Light