Patience is required

For those that read these posts and are ‘aware’ of the subtle shifts going on, in and around you at present, this is for you to absorb and let sink in.

As you continue on your journey forward, it is so important to let some lessons just sit with you for a few days, weeks even months. Rushing the lesson that has just been presented to you, no matter how emotionally tough it may seem, is only going to take the process longer to unfold.

Each process in our emotional body requires time to acknowledge, heal and grow from. Emotional pain, although extremely difficult to deal with, requires patience and acceptance that it is there.

Feel the Emotion… Let it be there… Do not control it…
Once you acknowledge and do this…. WOW.

Lesson Felt, Learnt and Understood.

Life is bliss

Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit



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