About Reiki

Reiki is the Japanese Spiritual Healing technique that helps heal emotional and physical conditions using universal energy. There are some different meanings around the world for Reiki, but I believe the best meaning to be Rei = Universal and Ki = life force. Universal Life Force is a beautiful and relaxing treatment which effectively helps shift imbalances in the body and helps with energy flow throughout the body.

Reiki is very relaxing and healing. The practitioner goes through several healing techniques and places their hands on or just above the body.

If you require a specific issue or health condition to be treated it is recommended that two to four sessions, be booked. If you have never experienced Reiki for yourself, we encourage you to feel the energy of Reiki. Several things may occur during your treatment; you may see colours or have an overwhelming feeling of emotion and peace. Reiki is for everyone, adults, children, people with a disability. It is also recommended for people with severe health conditions. You will be amazed at what you will feel and experience.  .

The Reiki Story

Where it came from originally no one will know; that is locked in the folds of time. We know from the bible and other sources, that is was used long ago. Jesus used it often, but where he was taught it remains a mystery well kept. We could guess that he learned of this technique in his secret travels between the ages of fourteen and thirty. Jesus may have found it in India, Persia, Tibet, Greece, Egypt or even Israel, for he travelled to all these places. The great library of Alexandria may well have been a haven of ancient knowledge now lost forever. The Dark Ages with its inquisitions and witch-hunts must have buried the last practitioners of Reiki. (It may have been called something else back then).

Let’s now move on to the mid nineteenth century, and more importantly to the person who rediscovered this gentle and loving healing art, Doctor Mikao Usui.

Dr Usui’s story starts in Kyoto, Japan where he was a Christian minister and school principal. One day at one of his lectures a senior student asked him, “Dr Usui do you believe what was written in the Bible?” he immediately replied that he had faith in what it had said. The student went on and to ask if he believed that Jesus healed. Dr Usui’s reply was “YES”. He was then asked for a demonstration of this healing. He had to admit that the knowledge was no longer taught. The student was not prepared to love on blind faith and wanted to find the healing powers that were lost. Touched by this, Dr Usui swore that he would find out how to heal by this lost form of gentle healing.

This was the start of his quest. After resigning, he left for America and spent 7 years studying great works in philosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity but the healing art remained elusive. The only hint of the healing he has discovered was that Buddha had used the healing method. He decided to return to Japan, and in Kyoto he entered a Zen temple in the hope of finding something there. The Monks believed that long daily meditation and study of the sutras would eventually lead to rediscovery of the healing technique. After many years he discovered in an ancient text written in about 2500 BC, symbols and phrases that were said to have been used by Buddha for healing. The Methodology of these symbols was nowhere to be found.

It was at this point that he decided to leave the temple and meditate for 21 days on sacred Mt Kurayama. Before meditating he collected a stone for every day he intended to stay there. Each day he discarded one of these to keep track of time. His time was spent in meditation, prayer and fasting to attain the deep state required. Finally, very early on the last morning, in the darkness before dawn, a distant glowing light rushed towards him. He sat motionless, watching, hardly daring to breath, as he felt sure this was a test. This light struck him in the forehead sending him tumbling backwards into unconsciousness. Sometime later he awoke to a crowing of a cock. Immediately he remembers the dancing-coloured rainbow and the golden symbols; his revelation was complete. In his excitement he rushed down the mountain stubbing his toe in the process. Dr Usui clutched his toe to stop the Bleeding and it healed instantly. The pain ceased, the toenail grew back and the blood dried. The rebirth of Reiki had begun. Dr Usui was inspired to call it Reiki which in Japanese means “Universal Life Force”. He then devoted his life to Reiki and others soon followed in his devotion. On Dr Usui’s Transition, Dr Chujiro Hayashi became the Grand Master.

His work in a clinic in Japan drew attention from many people, and Mrs Hawayo Takata was referred there when she became inoperable. Dr Hayashi was able to cure her where conventional medicine had failed. This was also enough for her to dedicate her life to Reiki. On Dr Hayashi’s transition she became Grand Master. Her vision was to give it to the rest of the world. She took the wisdom to the western World, and it is this Wisdom that I now hand to you.

Reiki must be treated with respect and at no time use it to influence others or to persuade others to do things that they may not want to do.

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