The Mental Body

The Mental Body

The Mental Body:

This is the body where we create, so we must be careful what we think. Thoughts are potent and can create ‘Thought Forms’.

If you detach the mental body from the other bodies and give it total overall power, THE EGO (thought form of the mental body) takes over. If the ego detaches itself from the other bodies it gets a more limited notion of the whole. The ego may perceive a need to stash away money because money gives it power. The ego then may become mean and this may cause issues like bowel cancer, Kidney and bladder problems.

The ego may feel threatened by change and develop trouble with legs and knees to stop things moving forward. The Mental body can be extremely influential with the physical body. As this is the most powerful it has the potential to override all the other bodies. This can be to our advantage or disadvantage depending on the messages and conditioning that we send it.

Be careful what you consistently think about my friends. Shift your thoughts to a more peaceful, friendly and serving perspective.

Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit

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